Bullied Cocker Spaniel

by Deidre
(SF, CA)

Help! My Cocker Spaniel Is Being Bullied!

Help! My Cocker Spaniel Is Being Bullied!

My family has recently moved and my cocker spaniel has been attacked three times by my Mom's dog (Shepherd) and I AM DEVASTATED.

My dog has almost had to have stitches. When he is attacked by my Mom's dog and my sister's bulldog, my cocker tries to run but is still getting chased.

Once it happened at a 40 acre dog park. When he was being attacked, people at the park tried to get the bulldog off of my cocker and were appalled at the other dog's aggressiveness.

What do I do?

I am devastated and may have to give my dog away for his own protection. My dog can't keep going through this.

Thank you, Deidre

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Oh Deidre,

I'm so sorry. You must be feeling terrible at not being able to protect your Cocker Spaniel from these other two dogs.

My first reaction is to make things safe for your Cocker, (and any humans that are unfortunate enough to be caught up in the middle of a fight) and to do that it sounds like you need to have the other two dogs muzzled.

I need you to know that I'm not a dog behaviorist and I seriously think you need to consult one.

Aggression like that can only get worse and end in disaster (for both dogs and humans) and should be dealt with quickly.

You need to determine what is causing the aggression, what triggers it? Is it something your Cocker does? Such as taking one of the other dogs toys or invading their 'territory'?

Or is it more serious than that?

It is really difficult for me because I don't know your family's dogs, their environment or the circumstances, other than what you have told me. However, I do know that it needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally.

I really do recommend getting professional help, but in the meanwhile, you might like to read this article.

I recommend you read it all, carefully, but pay particular attention to the section headed up 'First option: Aggression modification'.

In a nutshell, it's all about conditioning the dogs to tolerate each other by creating good experiences when they are around each other.

If you call in a behaviorist, (your vet may be able to recommend one to you) it's likely that they will try this first.

I sincerely hope you don't have to re-home your Cocker Spaniel and that your problems are resolved soon.

Kind regards,

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Bullying Dogs
by: Anonymous

Where are your Mom and your sister when this is happening? Can't they do something to control their dogs? This is unreal!

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