Buddy And Lottie

by Sue Byrne
(Warwickshire, UK)

Buddy and Lottie Cocker Spaniels

Buddy and Lottie Cocker Spaniels

Buddy is 12 months old, and Lottie is seven months. They live with me, my husband, and our two sons in Warwickshire, UK.

They have frequent visits from my 3-year-old grandson, Alex.

Buddy is very laid back and obedient, so we decided on another working cocker spaniel and along came Lottie. She's feisty and quite vocal and announces her arrival "Hello, I'm here!"

Buddy and Lottie get on very well, and we are a very happy, contented pack.

I am a dog groomer and work from home, so I always have different dogs visiting - something we all get pleasure from.

Funnily, it was because of all the cocker spaniels that I'd been grooming that made me want one. At that time, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a working and a show-type cocker spaniel, and I got Buddy by mistake!

Once the breeder explained the difference, I had already fallen in love with him. All my ideas about him having the best hairstyle ever went out of the window!

Buddy now has beautiful leg feathers and a spectacular quiff going on - he takes relatively little grooming.

Lottie's coat is starting to sprout little tufts all over - although the top of her head is smooth.

I have no idea how they will turn out - but they are a joy, and every day is wonderful with them!

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Buddy and Lottie
by: Anonymous

Buddy and Lottie look to be lovely dogs! I adore the hairstyle too!

What I particularly like is that they sound so very different and get on very well together.

I'd like another dog, and would seriously consider a working strain cocker, but I'm not sure my old Cocker is ready to accept another animal in our household.

Oh well, I don't intend to put him through any undue stress or anxiety so I'll put all thoughts of getting another dog on the back burner.

I hope you and your family enjoy your dogs for many years to come.

Lovely Buddy and Lottie!
by: Anonymous

They're both beautiful dogs and seem to be such characters too. I love show cockers, but I also adore the working cocker spaniel, and I love the tufts on the top of the head.

Lovely cockers!

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