Bracken, the Rescued "Sprocker"

by Kate
(Herts, UK)

H'mm, Wonder Which One's Bracken?

H'mm, Wonder Which One's Bracken?

One day, whilst out for a walk with my 4 dogs, a man stopped me and said he knew of a family local to us with a 14 week old black cocker spaniel which they couldn't really cope with. He asked if I would be interested in taking it on, since I already had a cocker myself.

Well, I took the details and my husband and I went to see the dog, which turned out to be a liver coloured, 5-month old Sprocker (cocker crossed with springer)!

She was lovely, but manic and the family clearly couldn't manage her.

She wasn't getting enough exercise or mental stimulation and just from our short visit I could tell that, although with the best of intentions, the dog wasn't getting consistent training and instructions and the children of the family were not interacting well with her.

So how could I refuse?

In the 20 minutes or so it took for me to load all her things which her previous owner gave us (bed, bedding, crate, food, bowl, lead etc.) into the car, the dog had been sitting in my husband's arms and they had formed a strong bond.

So we brought her home and our other 4 dogs (2 flat-coated retrievers, one collie cross and a working cocker) accepted her almost immediately.

There was a little argy-bargy over the next few days as Bracken, as we re-named her, settled into her place in the pack, but all in all the transition was very smooth.

We called her Bracken because she came to us in November 2010 and her first walk with us was on our local common and she blended in so well with the winter colours because her beautiful, shiny brown coat is exactly the same colour as winter bracken!

So one year on, she is developing into the most gorgeous, loyal, lovable girl you could imagine.

She still has a tendency to be on the manic side but she absolutely loves her cuddles and is incurably greedy.

She loves her people, especially my husband and will do anything for a bit of food ... or, indeed, a tennis ball!

Her training is coming along really well, she's a bright, willing learner and hopefully she'll be out with my husband on her first shoot by the end of this season. We all love her and her funny little ways and couldn't imagine our little pack without her now.

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by: pareesa

I love her colour! She is very cute!

Sprocker Spaniel
by: Denver

What a lovely story - it's true there is still a lot of love in the world. I'm glad your dogs are all settled now and that Sprocker is doing well.

Good luck and enjoy your lovely dogs!

What A Beautiful Colour!
by: Anonymous

Sprocker is such a fantastic colour, but all your dogs are beautiful!

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