Bentley and Sadie

by Anne Mason
(Cedartown, GA USA)

Mr Bentley is a 4-year old male American Cocker Spaniel (buff), and Miss Sadie is a 5-year old female American Cocker Spaniel (black).

These two fur babies bring us much laughter and joy.

Sadie thinks she is the queen and expects to be catered to and Bentley still steals shoes, socks and anything that is within his reach so he can have somebody play chase with him.

We adopted these two babies at 9 weeks old and they needed lots of help with our training techniques.

The favourite food my furbies like is ice cream they can really dance when they know it's being dished up.

As you can probably tell, Cockers are my breed of dog. They are good natured and great watchdogs. A hunter by nature, it is quite interesting watching them track down scents.

Sadie has been known to "point" birds, and Bentley's nose stays on the ground or up in the air until he finds what he is looking for.

We love our furbies.

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Fantastic Cocker Spaniels
by: Jack

Bentley and Sadie are fantastic cocker spaniels!

They look so cute and I love their outfits.

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