Puppies Fast Asleep

Puppies Fast Asleep

We are located in the Waterloo district of Liverpool (UK).

We have just two female Cocker Spaniels - Stella and Vicky - who are very much part of our family (age 3 years 8 months). Our Cockers are registered with the Dog Lovers' Registration Club.

We also the co-owners of a 2 year old male Cocker - William - who lives with family members locally, and who visits and stays with us regularly; he is on excellent terms with our girls! He is registered with the Kennel Club (UK) and has quite a few Champions in his pedigree history. He had a good result from his Kennel Club/BVA Ophthalmic Examination last year, and has also had genetic tests which show him to be clear (ie. neither affected by, nor a carrier) of the serious inherited eye and kidney conditions PRA and FN.

This means that all the puppies he sires will not be affected by these diseases.

Stella had her first litter of puppies on 4th May 2013 (sired by William), and she has shown herself to be a really devoted mother, with all the right maternal instincts, giving her pups all her time and patience, day and night.

The puppies had their first vaccination and vet's health check on 25th June, and have had no health or other problems. Three are Orange Roans, and we have one Blue Roan, one Cream/White, one Light Tan/White and one Sable (with white flash underneath).

They are all alert, playful and eating well, and are being newspaper toilet trained, and wormed (Drontal), and have had lots of human contact and TLC.

This litter will be available for viewing from 29th June. Our puppy packs for new owners include pedigree, ownership transfer, vaccination and worming records as well as general information on aspects of puppy care. VAT receipts given for all payments, and first 4 weeks insurance with a main UK pet insurer is available free of charge.

Having sired this litter, William is now "proven" as a Stud. He is a playful but gentle Orange Roan.

Our contact details: Telephone: 0151-920 3823 or 07714329002;

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by: Stella

Hi there,

It's interesting that your boy is identical to William!

If you'd like to check out W's ancestry to see if they might be related, just email us.

Hope all well with your family of three!!

William Has A Double!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe it, William looks just like our 'Watson' - he's the absolute double.

...and the puppies are really cute and cuddly.

I have 3 cockers already, I simply can't take on anymore, otherwise...

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