Back Yard Breeders

by Abbigail
(Kendrick ID )

I don't really have a story to tell about a dog, but I have a story to tell about a Back Yard Breeder. My family loves dogs and all animals, but we also used to breed dogs. My family would not sell puppies, and we would do regular vet visits and we would give the dogs away. They weren't Cocker Spaniels but I don't think that matters. So like other pages I have visited, are you going to tell me that all breeders even if they aren't professional are going to hurt the puppies?

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Back Yard Breeders
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Abbigail,

Whilst not all breeders are classed as 'professional', I know that there are many 'back yard' and 'hobby' breeders (such as your family) that breed and raise their puppies very professionally indeed, and I make that distinction here.

The type of breeders I'm referring to when I speak about puppy mills produce hundreds of puppies, often many different breeds, and are kept in dirty, over-cramped conditions, with inadequate nutrition and no health care to speak of.

These are a far cry from the back yard/hobby breeders who really care about their puppies and dogs.

Their puppies receive very little or no interaction with humans (no cuddles or affection) and when the poor bitches are so weak they can hardly stand, they are disposed of because they're no longer of any use to the breeder.

Abbigail, I admire your family's approach to breeding and in no way would ever class this as puppy farming.

Thank you for posting.

Kind regards,

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