Any Tips To Help My New Puppy Settle In?

by Kelly

Tips To Help Your Cocker Spaniel Settle In

Tips To Help Your Cocker Spaniel Settle In

Hey there, I got my 7 week old cocker spaniel cross cavalier boy about 4 days ago and he's an absolute gem! I'm just after a few tips for getting him settled in.

We're currently feeding him the same diet that he was on with his breeder of course, 3 small portions per day of chicken mince mixed with a bit of puppy milk and puppy growth dry food. He loves his food but stops when he's full.

However for the last two nights he has puked on his bed, he hasn't thrown up any other time and my boss (dog groomer and former cocker spaniel breeder) suggested this is because he was having his dinner too late and eating it too quickly (and also playing and running after his meal).

His poop is normal (dark and solid). I also took him to the vet and she said he's in great condition, and he's shiny and energetic so I'll take my boss's word for it.

Has this happened to any of your puppies?

He loves to use his mouth and teeth to explore everything just as all puppies do, however I'm trying to teach him not to bite hard on feet and hands (and humans in general, ha ha!) by making a yelping or sharp growling noise (saying "NO!") when he does it.

At first he really got the point and stopped immediately, but now when we make the noise he seems to want to play more, is there any other way to make him aware that he's hurting us?

He has lots of chew toys and a pig's ear which he loves chewing on too.

He cries a bit at night, most of the time I check him (no cuddles and I normally wait to approach when he has a quiet moment) when he starts to make sure he's ok and take him to the toilet, then ignore it if he keeps going afterwards (but he normally sleeps - he has a talk-back radio going, toys, soft bed, fresh water and newspaper, just in case ha ha!), but he screams on car trips if he's not able to cuddle anyone.

Do you have any clues as to how to overcome this? I think I might crate train for car trips and for sleep overs at friends houses.

Also he has a thing for humping my boyfriend's and dad's feet! But not mine or my mums, why is he doing this?


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Helping Puppy Settle In
by: Anonymous

Feeding a young puppy late at night and then playing with him straight after he's eaten is bound to have him up in the night being sick. Have you considered increasing the volume of his meals during the day and at night giving him only a little food?

Alternatively, don't get him too excited at night-time. It's okay to play with him a little but you should always settle and calm him down before he goes to sleep.

If your puppy continues to bite, I'd leave him on his own for a minute or two. After you've yelped and said No, just ignore him. Let him see that if he bites hard, you won't play with him. He'll soon learn, trust me.

Crate training is a great idea for the car, and as for your puppy humping the men's feet - I have no idea! Sorry!

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