Angel or Little Devil?

by Karen
(Dallas, TX)

He Looks Like An Angel, But He Has A Little Devil In Him!

He Looks Like An Angel, But He Has A Little Devil In Him!

This is Espresso, and he is one of the most loving cocker spaniels you will ever meet.

He is also what I would call a little OCC - Obsessive Compulsive Cocker. He needs to have everything in its place. No dirty dishes on the counter are allowed. No packages are to be left on the table.

And he has to be on a schedule, eating breakfast or dinner at a particular time, going for a walk for a specific time, and going to bed at a regular time each evening.

If anything is out of place or not done on time, he finds you, waits until he has eye contact...and then barks, barks, and barks until he gets what he wants. :-)

Just when you don't think you can take another minute of his barking, he crawls up to you, leans in and gives you the BIGGEST Cocker hug imaginable.

He does have me wrapped around his 4 paws, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

He is one of three cockers in my home, and I am very blessed.

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by: Wendi Meyer

Espresso REALLY does this. I call him an alien being because he knows what you are thinking and saying and he is VERY intuitive.

He DOES give GREAT hugs!

Expresso - Angel Is My Vote
by: Shailene

Karen, this is wonderful. I love this site and I love Expresso even though I have only seen pictures of him. Your descriptions of your pups makes you feel like you know them. I know you are lucky to have the three of them but they are equally lucky to have you. Bless you for all you do for our beloved Cocker Spaniels.

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