Alfie Just Can't Reach It!

by Phil Oasgood

Just Can't Quite Reach It......

Just Can't Quite Reach It......

This is Alfie, my mischievous Cocker Spaniel-Springer mix, trying to get at the bag of chicken on the back of the kitchen worktop.

He was so focussed on trying to reach the chicken that he didn't notice me taking this photograph.

Comment from Pauline (Web Owner)

Isn't that typical of cockers and springers though? They love getting into mischief, and whenever there's food on the go there's no stopping them is there?

It's just as well that the chicken is in a bag and right at the back of the counter-top, out of his reach otherwise he'd be licking his lips by now.

Big hugs and kisses to Alfie! xxx

PS: I love Alfie's name - I think it suits him perfectly - he's a little sweetheart.

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by: Anonymous

Isn't this just typical of Cockers and Springers? I also have a cocker/springer mix and she's into everything!

I've caught her in the bin we use for kitchen scraps as well as the outdoor bin.

We used to keep the outdoor bin by the side of the garage but we now have to keep it inside the garage because she'd take a run at it to knock it over and then flip the lid off with her front paws in order to investigate the contents!

Take your eye off your plate for one minute and you can guarantee that the sandwich you'd so lovingly prepared for yourself a few minutes earlier will be gone - leaving only the look of righteousness on the face of one said mut!

Yes, cockers and springers are delightful and love getting up to mischief!

Love to Alfie!

My Dog's Not The Only One!
by: jaimie

My dog, Marley, does this also - he's a golden English Cocker Spaniel.

Cheeky Monkey!
by: Anonymous

Lovely moment, well captured!

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