Adopting A 10 Year Old Cocker Spaniel

by Ann
(Eau Claire WI)

Adopting An Older Cocker Spaniel

Adopting An Older Cocker Spaniel

We are considering adopting a 10 year old Cocker Spaniel. What issues should we be faced with? How can we make it a smooth transition?

The current owners are getting rid of her because she seems to want more attention as she gets older. When they leave her alone for more than 10 hours she acts out by pooping.

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Leaving A Dog Alone
by: Joseph

If you're thinking of adopting this cocker spaniel I recommend you have lots of time to devote to her. The other commenter is right, 10 hours is far too long to leave a dog on its own.

And when you do need to go out, if you can't take her with you, she'll need to be walked first so that she can do her 'business' and she'll be relaxed and will probably sleep while you're gone.

Leave her some toys, some water, and maybe a radio playing so she feels she's got company.

If you really need to be out all day, Pauline recommends asking a neighbor to pop in and walk the dog or play with it for a few minutes.

Hope I've helped.

Cocker Spaniel Pooping
by: Anonymous

Well, if that's all she's doing I don't think she's acting out at all. Poor thing. Of course she's going to poop or pee if left alone for that length of time, especially as her 'plumbing' is 10 years old.

I think leaving any dog alone for 10 hours is cruel. Imagine being alone every day for that length of time. It must be terrible for her.

As for wanting more attention as she gets older, why not? What's wrong with wanting a cuddle?

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