8 Month Old Cocker Won't Eat

by Karen

My Cocker Spaniel Has Lost Her Appetite!

My Cocker Spaniel Has Lost Her Appetite!

When we got our cocker spaniel at 9 weeks old, the breeder gave us Bakers puppy food, that she was used to. After taking her to the vet within the first few days of having her, they recommended Hills Pet Plan food, which we switched to immediately. She was fine on this - eating it all within 5 minutes of it going down - but then all of a sudden stopped eating it, when she was around 5 months.

We took more advice from the vet- who said to put the food down for 15 minutes then take it up if she didn't eat it all, and make her wait until the next feed time.

This hasn't really worked, so we changed food to James Well Beloved. She was fine for a week but then refuses to eat again. She gets no other food, no treats and no human food.

What is wrong and what do we do now?

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi Karen,

If your vet has advised that your Cocker is fit and well, then we can begin to explore why your puppy isn't eating.

It's difficult for me to help because you're not too specific. Do you mean she's not eating at all? For example, does she eat one day out of three or two, or she doesn't eat for a week?

I'm assuming the vet is happy with her weight, because you've not said otherwise.

The vet's advice to remove her food after 15 minutes whether she's eaten it or not is good advice. I don't believe in allowing dogs to 'free feed'. More on puppy feeding here.

I think it sounds like your puppy is being feed too much which is why she's not interested in food from time to time.

I would check the label on the manufacturer's dog food packaging to see how much you should be feeding your puppy. Then I'd split that allowance into two and feed her once in the morning and once again at night.

Don't feed her any tit bits or treats during the day. If you're still training her, don't forget to offset those against her food, ie give her less to eat.

I'd also check that no-one else in the family is feeding her and that she's not getting into any food bins or able to get into her dog biscuits or dog food.

Try this for a week or so and see how you get on.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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9 month old cocker pup not eating...
by: Mina's mummy

I also have a cocker puppy not eating well. She is 9 months old and has always been fussy with food. I have changed her food three times so far, each time she eats the new food well for about a week and then stops. It seems she is hungry, she eagerly waits for her food each morning and afternoon, but then when I put her bowl down she only takes a sniff and walks away or takes a couple of bites and leaves the rest.

Every three days or so she gets so hungry that she eats half of the portion. I am giving her less than the recommended amount of about 250g per day. Usually she eats about 80g max. This has been going on for many weeks already. The vet has said she does not see anything wrong with her. Is this going to affect her health in the long term? I am so worried and don't know what to do to correct this. She has been getting treats during training but I have cut them out almost completely now, and even this has not made any difference in her eating habits. I have also tried to mix a bit of wet food in with her kibble, or a bit of olive oil from a can of tuna, but nothing seems to work.

I would really appreciate any sort of advice! Thank you!

Try Softening Her Food
by: Anonymous

Have you tried feeding her the soft tinned dog food? If you prefer not to give her tinned dog food, why not moisten her kibble with hot water and let it soften before she eats it?

I hope that helps.

Puppy Won't Eat
by: Anonymous

Why not try putting her back onto Baker's puppy food? If she was okay when she was eating that before it wouldn't hurt to try her on that again would it?

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