12 Week old puppy odd poop schedule!

by Hadi


I have a 12-week-old male cocker spaniel.

He is on a raw food diet and is fed at 7 am, at noon, and at 5 pm. (I have brought this early to try and solve the situation).

He gets lots of exercise throughout the day including after his 5 pm feed. But no matter how I change his feeding schedule, including earlier meals being more than the later meals, (breakfast large, lunch medium, and dinner small) his bowel timings remain unchanged.

Without fail he will go between 4 pm and 6 pm, and then again in the night between 3am and 6 am.

He goes out just before bedtime and I have tried in the night but he is tired and may wee but will roll up in a ball until he's taken back into his crate.

He also cleans the crate after he goes which isn't a very pleasant habit!

Is there anything I can do to try and shift his bowel movement from the middle of the night to just before bed or morning?

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