Why Does My Cocker Spaniel Keep Whining?

by Teresa Williams
(High Point, NC)

My name is Mrs Teresa Williams and I have a cocker spaniel who is 2 years old, and her name is Goldie Princess Williams.

She recently started whining and won't stop. I have fed her, given her water and let her run around, but she still whines.

This really bothers me.

Is she okay?

She's never done this before please help I'm really worried about her.

Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)

Hello Teresa, if this is really out of character for your little girl, and she is well-fed, watered and otherwise comfortable (as you have indicated) it is possible that she's in pain.

My advice would be to take her to see her vet as soon as possible to rule out any medical problems.

If you vet can confirm that she's fit and healthy, and not in any pain, her whining may simply be attention seeking.

If it is, I recommend that you ignore her whining and only give her your attention when she's quiet, otherwise she'll learn that all she needs to do when she wants you to fuss over her or play with her is whine.

You need to try and stop this behaviour before it develops into a habit, which will make it a little more difficult to break.

I recommend you read this to bring you up to speed with attention seeking behaviour in Cocker Spaniels. Stick with the advice it gives and see how you get on.

Best of luck!

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