We Don't Shed Very Much At All!

We Don't Shed Very Much At All!

We are thinking of buying two cocker spaniels for our family. But we first have to find out about if they shed hair?

Can you maybe help us?

Thank you, Anel Hulley.

Reply from Pauline Web Owner)

Hi Anel,

Cocker Spaniels do shed hair and, in my experience, some more than others.

It's a bit like 'pot luck'. Our cocker spaniel doesn't moult very much - thankfully! - but we've known some that have shed hair with a vengeance and others that haven't shed at all (much to their owner's delight!).

Generally, if your Cocker is bathed regularly and brushed several times every week you shouldn't have much of a problem.

I usually groom Max after he's had his long walk, when he's pooped out, that way, he lies quieter for much longer and just lets me get on with it.

I recommend you groom your cocker spaniel regularly to help keep the moulting to a minimum!

If you don't want to do this yourself, a professional grooming once every 3-months will go a long way to keeping his coat healthy and looking good.

Hope this helps!

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cocker shedding
by: Susan

It's funny, All the Cocker web pages say Cockers shed, yet none of mine have.

I had a chocolate merle, a tri, and a buff and white. Little to no shedding.

I keep their hair shaved on the body, and the hair on the legs longer. It's called a Lamb cut.

Now, Cocker's do get an odor. I usually cut every 3 months, with a bath in between. So after 6 weeks, a bath, then another 6 weeks a bath and a cut.

Yay! I Might Be Getting This Dog!
by: Amanda

Well my dad is eleget and they are hopgelic and they don't shed often so I might get this dog and I love cocker spaniels sinse I played lps and that was 5 years ago and bye the way I'm 10 so most of my life!

Black and White
by: Shirley

I have an approximately 9 year old (from local dog pound) black and white cocker. He doesn't shed when he has a short cut.

We let his hair grow out for the winter months and then only his black hair sheds a lot. He has about equal amounts of both colors.

My Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Doesn't Shed!
by: Bella

My friend and I adopted sister puppies together and mine is chocolate and hers white and chocolate.

The chocolate hair doesn't shed and is curlier whereas the white hair is straighter, sheds, and grows slower. I don't brush her often because that frizzed out the curls and I like her curly hair.

I usually keep her in a town and country cut which is a shaved torso and face leaving longer hair on her mop-like legs and long floppy ears.

Cocker Spaniel Hair Falling Out
by: Pauline (Web Owner)

Hi John, You don't say how much your dog is shedding, but I guess it's enough if you're worrying about it.

Have you thought about taking her to a local groomer for an opinion? I recommend you choose a groomer who's experienced in Cocker Spaniels and explain the circumstances and that you're worried about your dog. The groomer will explain what (if anything) can be done.

You don't say, but I'm guessing that your dog is a solid colour (probably black as they do tend to shed a lot).

If that's the case, the problem may be resolved simply by regular grooming. However, if it's not a grooming problem then the next step is a trip to the vets just to make sure that your Cocker Spaniel is okay.

I'm sure she's fine. She may just be one of those Cockers that shed a lot.

Hope this helps. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

Kind regards,

My cocker Spaniel Hair Fall
by: John

I have a 2-year old Cocker Spaniel girl dog. Her hair is falling out. I'm very upset, can you help me?

Tan Cocker Spaniel
by: Anonymous

My dog Kiko doesn't shed at all. He's 8 yrs old and he is tan colored and I always wonder if they are supposed to shed.

I don't brush his coat regularly because he is not used to because I never brushed him when he was little. Now I brush every now and then but not much hair comes out of him. I love that!

I'm thinking of getting another baby girl for us and yes she is going to be a tan also and see what happens.

No Shedding
by: Anonymous

I have a black & tan cocker spaniel 6 year old girl and she doesn't shed her coat at all. Great after having Labradors!!

Blue Roan Colour Change
by: Anonymous

My blue roan pup was the same. Hun seemed to lose all her grey and white. However she's just had her first cut and now looks like a cow! LOL

I think it's just that the majority of her coat was dark and the dark fur grew over the light as it grew longer, if that makes sense x HTH x

Blue Roan Changing To Black
by: Gemma

I think it's all in the genes! The stronger color won out. I think your cocker spaniel will stay black with bits of white. (Are you sure it's black and not a dark blue/black?)

Blue Roan
by: Anonymous

My spaniel was blue roan and looked mostly grey with two black patches when I got him at 8 weeks old. He's 15 weeks old now and he's almost black all over with white showing barely at all.

Is this normal? Will he get the grey back or stay black. He looks like someone swapped him for a different dog, he is so different!

Cocker Spaniel's Coat Shedding
by: Fran

Hi Sandra, I think you've hit the nail on the head there. I too believe that parti-colors don't shed as much as solids. I had a black and white cocker many years ago and don't remember him dropping hairs, ever!

Who knows, perhaps I was lucky.

I have also had a solid black cocker and his coat was everywhere: the carpets, the sofa, my clothes. It was a nightmare. We tried everything and the only thing that seemed to help (although not worked completely) was to brush him every day. Even 5 minutes a day helped. We loved him so much so we thought a little shedding wasn't really a problem to us.

Color difference?
by: Sandra

It is great to read all these different experiences. I have an American cocker spaniel black and white parti-color. He is 10 years old. He rarely sheds. When/if he does it is very little.

Actually he only sheds after he is groomed. After a couple of weeks, we see nothing. Our couch is a sky blue so his hair would definitely show up if he shed.

Do you think it would be because of the parti-color? I noticed that others mentioned that their black cocker sheds a lot. Maybe age has something to do with it. I know that all dogs have to shed, just like all humans do. But I know that I shed more than my husband does!

Hmmm...hormones? Very interesting. Thanks for the mind-shedding...

It's All About The Hair Cut
by: Sarah

I keep my English cocker in a "puppy" cut year round (groomed every 6-8 weeks) and he sheds less than I do.

My husband's German shepherd, now that's a whole other story...

No Shedding
by: Anonymous

My brown and white cocker, Winston, does not shed whatsoever. I keep him in a more of a 'puppy' cut and have him groomed often as recommended by the rescue person who always has several cockers in her home and no shedding issues.

I only have experience with American Cockers and cannot say if the same is true for the English variety.

In fact, my husband and I shed more than the dog!

Depends On The Coat Color
by: Nat

Our dog breeder explained to us that dark-haired cocker spaniels shed more hair than light-haired dogs. We have a black & tan male and he's a bit of a nightmare.

He gets professionally groomed once every 3 months and it helps a lot. Also, it makes his coat smooth and shiny, he looks like a seal!

Cocker Spaniels - Shedding
by: Nina

I've had Cockers for most of my life and it's my experience that, in general, they don't shed as much as some dogs.

My golden cocker spaniel (Jarvis - yes, after Jarvis Cocker!) hardly shed any hair at all, just a little in Autumn.

My blue roan, Poppy, didn't either.

However, my black cocker, Miles, shed hair all over the place.

One thing I did notice is that if you brush your dogs regularly, they will shed less hair. When you think about it, it kinda makes sense doesn't it?

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