Dog Runs - How To Build Your Own -
It's Easier Than You Might Think!

Dog runs are great! They allow your Cocker Spaniel to burn off any excess energy safely and, if you're pressed for time, without your supervision - so why not build him one now?

Building a run for your dog is much easier than you may think, so if you'd like to try your hand at building one, here's how - it's quite easy, just follow the instructions below:

  • Decide how much space you'd like to use for the run (the more the better!) and where you'd like to place it. We recommend you have at least part of it in the shade to allow your pet to keep cool.
Black and tan cocker spaniel lying down, facing the camera
  • Outline the area using sand poured from a plastic bottle or a bucket, or alternatively use pegs and marker tape. At this stage, if you believe the area looks too small or too large, you have the opportunity to change it.

  • Next you'll need to dig holes for your fence posts. The holes should be at least 60 cm (2') deep and will need to be spaced about 2 meters apart.

  • Decide where you'd like to place the gate and dig an extra hole between two existing holes.

  • Place a post into one of the holes and then pour in concrete - make sure the post is standing straight. Move onto the next hole and do the same again - continue until all the posts are in the ground.

  • Leave until the concrete has completely set - preferably overnight.
  • Your fence posts should now be firmly planted in the ground. For the paneling, you can use metal wire fencing or even chicken wire, although metal wire is much stronger and will last longer. Make sure the fencing will be high enough to stop your Spaniel from jumping over it!

    Don't forget when your dog runs, he'll be able to get up a bit of speed and perhaps jump slightly higher than he could normally.

  • Nail the fencing to the posts as tightly and securely as you can until you've one last gap - 1 meter wide - this is where you will be installing your gate.
Brown and white cocker spaniel puppy enjoying a run about in the undergrowth
  • For the gate, make a wooden frame to size, and cover it with the metal link fencing. Add a crosspiece to the gate for added strength if necessary.

  • Add hinges to the top and bottom of the gate and fence post and add a sturdy bolt or lock for security.
  • We recommend, when adding the hinges, that you leave a small gap at the bottom of the gate to allow for ease of opening and closing.

    If your Cocker is prone to digging, our advice is to fit chicken wire to the base of the fence; it can be buried and pegged into the ground for added security.

How easy was that? - we told you dog runs were easy to build!

Your Cocker Spaniel will soon be able to enjoy more fresh air and exercise in the garden which will allow you to go about your business without worrying about him.

If you don't have too much outdoor space to dedicate to a run for your Cocker, why not consider investigating smaller dog pens?

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A Run will give your pet lots of fresh air and exercise over and above what he'd get from his usual walk - that can't be bad now, can it?

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