Essential Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming isn't just about brushing and bathing your dog; it’s much more than that. Grooming your dog involves checking his ears, eyes, claws and teeth (and more) and is essential for your Spaniel's health. Read on to discover the best dog grooming tips for your Cocker Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel Grooming And Health

Cocker Spaniels are made for grooming, don't you think?

It's probably those tantalizingly long ears, you just can't help but want to stroke and brush them!

The most obvious benefit of grooming your Cocker Spaniel regularly is that it helps to keep his coat clean, shining and manageable - from the tip of his nose to the tips of his toes, or should that be paws?

But grooming isn't just about keeping your pet looking good; it's also essential for your Spaniel's health because it gives you the ideal opportunity to look for fleas and ticks, grazes, sores, grass seeds, matting, cuts, and lumps.

It's also a great opportunity to check those beautifully pendulous ears for signs of excess bacteria or infection, and to check his eyes for early signs of problems.

Unfortunately not all dogs enjoy being groomed, so it will be far easier if you begin grooming when he's a puppy to help him get used to it. Grooming puppies is so important.

Two beautifully groomed dogs - cocker spaniel grooming at its best!

Do it now. Get him used to all the puppy grooming activities before he gets any older and it will make grooming him when he's an adult a walk in the park - with no surprises!

Apart from health and the obvious visual benefits to your dog grooming has a few additional benefits for owners too. It helps us to relax and unwind and can also strengthen the bond between us and our pets.

Another benefit is that it quietly helps us to reinforce our position as the alpha male or female!

(Dogs don't normally allow other members of the pack, lower in rank to them, to groom them.)

Your pet's grooming session will be made up of many activities and, depending on which dog groomer you use (if you use one) you'll discover that there are a few different grooming styles for Cocker Spaniels too.

Read on to discover lots of helpful dog grooming tips and all you need to know about grooming Cocker Spaniels.

Essential Dog Grooming Tips

  • Grooming Tools - first you will need some essential equipment to help you get the job done quickly and professionally - you don't need a lot; you can get away with only the basics if you're on a budget!

  • Brushing Your Dog - there's nothing more beautiful than a freshly brushed Cocker Spaniel. Learn how to remove tats, tangles, and matting from their coat the easy way.

  • Bathing Your Pet - bath-time can be and should be fun. Follow the link to learn how to bath your dog without tears or tantrums!
Grooming cocker spaniels regularly will help keep burs and tats out of his coat
  • Bathing A Puppy For The First Time - don't traumatize your puppy by putting him straight into the bath. This is so new to him and can seem a little scary. Here is a step-by-step guide to bathing your Cocker puppy for the very first time - take it slowly and gently!
  • Dew Claws Explained - most breeders have these removed when their puppies are very young and so you may not even realize that your pet had an extra claw. Learn more here.
  • How To Clean Your Dog's Ears - this step-by-step guide to cleaning your Cocker Spaniel's ears is a must and can save you money by keeping him away from the vets.
  • My Dog Has Bad Breath! - if you dog's bad breath isn't because of poor dental hygiene, it may be a symptom of an underlying health problem. Learn more about bad breath and how to cure it.
  • Learn about dog anal glands - learn about your dog's anal glands and how to know when there's something wrong. Discover the symptoms of problem anal glands here.
  • How To Choose A Dog Groomer - you wouldn't trust your Cocker Spaniel with any old groomer would you? Know what to look for when choosing a dog groomer.

Dog Grooming: Summary

Grooming Cocker Spaniels can be hard work and fairly time-consuming, especially if yours enjoys a daily romp around the fields.

Their coats seem to be a magnet for burrs, seeds, bits of twig - in fact, anything that's not attached! - so they need to be brushed regularly if they're to stay looking beautiful.

Okay, so it might be a little time-consuming, but apart from making your Cocker Spaniel look great, grooming will also help to keep his skin, nails, ears and eyes in excellent health too.

Now, I think that's definitely well worth the effort involved - don't you?

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