Cocker Spaniel Breeders

If you're looking for English or American Cocker Spaniel breeders, and you live in Vermont, we can help. Our USA breeders directory will help you find Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale near you.

The breeders in our directory for Vermont are listed below.

If there's a link to another page giving additional information on the breeder, their kennels and their dogs, perhaps even a few photographs of their puppies, simply click on their link.

If there's no link yet, you can contact the breeder by using their listed contact details.

Cocker Spaniel Breeders In Vermont

Carol's Cockers
159 Wheeler Camp Road
Windsor County
Vermont (VT) 05151-9400

Like To Search For More Cocker Breeders In Your Area?

I'm sorry, but there doesn't seem to be many breeders coming up for your area. That may be because I'm still developing this database, so it shouldn't be too long before there's more.

However, in the meanwhile, if you'd like to search for more, you can use this handy little search box which will do the work for you and list all the Cocker breeders that match your search query.

Type into the box, "cocker spaniel breeders" (but don't add the quotation marks) and then add the town or area you're prepared to travel to for your puppy.

Click on the search button and you're good to go.

Are You Dealing With A Puppy Farmer?

Once you have a couple of breeders to choose from, how can you be sure they are responsible breeders and not puppy farmers?

If you don't know what a puppy farmer is, you might be interested in learning more about them and why you should avoid them at all costs.

One of the best ways of determining who you're dealing with is to ask the breeder lots of questions about themselves and their dogs. For example, how long they've been breeding Cocker Spaniels, how many dogs they breed from, how many times a year, and will you be able to see both the breeding pair (although it's not always possible to see the male, you should always be able to see the bitch).

You can find more about questioning your breeder here.

Caring For Your New Puppy

There's lots of preparation to do before you bring home your new puppy and it takes some time and thought, and you might like to think about your puppies care routine before your little bundle arrives home.

You'll find help on puppy care and recommendations for crate training your puppy (which I highly recommend) and potty training - so there's no excuse - you now have all the information you need to look after your little Cocker puppy.

Now go on and enjoy him!

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