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Find Local Cocker Breeders In Ross And Cromarty

We have a comprehensive database of Cocker Spaniel breeders, so if you're looking for a Cocker Spaniel puppy, American or English, why not take a look?

Our breeders listed for the Ross and Cromarty areas are set out below, simply click on the area you're prepared to travel to and it will take you to a list of all the breeders in that location.

Towns and Cities covered here are;

Occasionally, the breeder will choose to write an additional page of their own, giving extra details about themselves and their Cockers.

If that's the case, you'll see a link within their details - just click on it to go to their own page.

Cocker Breeders In Invergordon

Caroline Howsley
Easter Ross
Tel: 01862 842 430
Mobile: 07875 180 103

Cocker Breeders In Alness

Cocker Breeders In Cromarty

Cocker Breeders In Dingwall

Cocker Spaniel Breeders In Stornaway

Cocker Breeders In Tain

Cocker Breeders In Ullapool


There doesn't seem to be many breeders listed for the above areas - sorry about that!

It's probably because I've not yet included them in the directory as it's still new and being built.

However, to help you find more breeders, I've added a handy search box below which will bring you a list of all the Cocker breeders that match your search query.

Just type in the words "cocker spaniel breeders" (without the quotes) and the town, city or area you're prepared to travel to for your puppy, then click the search button.

For a list of all other areas covered in Scotland, simply follow the link to Cocker breeders in Scotland.

Don't Buy Your Puppy From A Puppy Farmer!

We've all heard about puppy farms but it's not always easy to spot the signs, is it?

We know we should avoid them at all costs and that by buying a puppy from one of these places, we're only keeping them in business, but if you've already seen the puppy, and you're feeling so sorry for him that you can't bear to leave him... well, I understand.

It takes a very strong person to walk away from that situation.

That's why I recommend you do your homework first, before going to see any breeder.

Contact them over the phone, if they don't give a telephone number, email them and request one.

When you make contact, ask them lots of questions, for example: How long have they been breeding Cocker Spaniels? How many bitches do they breed from and how many times a year? Where do their dogs live, in the house with the family or in kennels? Where are the puppies housed? Will they be vaccinated? How much socialization will the puppies have before going to their new homes?

Don't be worried about asking such questions, if they're a professional Cocker Spaniel breeder, they'll respect you for it as it will show them that you'll make a responsible puppy owner.

The important point is that asking questions in this way will also help you to be certain that you're not buying from a puppy farmer!

If you'd like a few more ideas on which questions to ask the breeder, just follow the link.

Puppy Care and House-Training

By now, you should be almost ready to consider bringing home your new puppy but are you sure you know how to look after a puppy so young?

If you're not sure, this article on puppy care will help you through those first few weeks and you'll find this guide to potty training invaluable!

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