Cocker Spaniel Breeders In Rhode Island

Looking for Cocker Spaniel breeders in Rhode Island? No matter whether you prefer English or American cocker spaniels, our USA breeders directory will help you find a breeder near you.

Cocker Breeders In Rhode Island

Cherry Hill Cocker's
Louis Santagata
335 Cherry Hill Road
Johnston County
Rhode Island (RI) 02919
Telephone: (401) 231-6743

Becky's Kennels
Rebecca DeMario
43 Apache Dr.
Rhode Island (RI) 02891

Grace Wilkinson
Rhode Island (RI)
Telephone: (401) 433 - 0906
Email Address:

Like To Search For More Cocker Breeders In Your Area?

There doesn't appear to be many breeders showing up for Rhode Island, but that's probably because I still need to do more research in your area.

This database is still relatively new, and I'm working on it most days, so it shouldn't be too long before more breeders are added.

Between now and then however, you might like to use this handy search box below which will search the WWW for you and bring back details of all the breeders near you.

Just type in the words "cocker spaniel breeders" (without the quotes) and the town, city or area you want, then click the search button.

Quiz Your Breeder!

When you've a couple of breeders to choose from, I recommend that you speak to them both to give you an idea of their experience and whether or not you feel 'comfortable' talking to them as you may need to stay in touch for quite a while.

Ask them lots of questions about their experience with Cocker Spaniels, ask to see their dogs and where they sleep - if anything doesn't sound, look, or feel right, walk away.

Breeders will expect you to ask questions, so they won't be upset if you give them the 'third degree'

Don't forget, they want to make sure their puppies to go to loving and caring homes and will probably give you the 'third degree' too!

By asking these questions, you will also be better placed to identify unscrupulous puppy farms that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

To give you an idea of the type of questions to ask the breeder I've outlined them here - I hope you find them useful.

Puppy Care

Now that you've found a couple of breeders to choose from, it won't be long before you're bringing home your new Cocker Spaniel puppy - how exciting is that?

However, if you've never cared for a little puppy before, or it's a long time since you did, you'd be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive!

It that's you, don't worry, you'll find lots of helpful tips and advice on puppy care and an easy to follow guide on how to potty train your puppy and lots more throughout the website.

Good luck and enjoy!

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