Cocker Spaniel Breeders

Cocker Breeders In Peeblesshire

Our comprehensive database of Cocker Spaniel breeders will help to you find breeders in Peeblesshire.

All those listed in our searchable directory for Peeblesshire are shown below by town or city, in alphabetical order.

Simply click on the area you're interested in and you'll be taken to a list of all the Cocker breeders in that location.

Towns and Cities covered here are;

Clicking on any of the breeder listings with a link (below) will take you to a page where you'll find additional information about their kennels and their dogs - they may even have uploaded some photographs too.

If they don't have a link yet, you can contact the breeder by using their listed contact details.

Don't forget to mention About Cocker and let them know about our Directory!

Cocker Spaniel Breeders In Peebles

Mr I Mitchell
Tel: 01721 720 746

Cocker Breeders In Innerleithen

Cocker Breeders In West Linton

Oh dear, it looks like there are no breeders showing up in West Linton or Innerleithen - that's probably because they're not yet listed in our directory, which I'm still building.

To help you find them, I've added a handy search box below which will return all the Cocker breeders that match your search query.

Just type in the words "cocker spaniel breeders" (without the quotes) and the town, city or area you want, then click the search button.

For a list of all other areas covered in Scotland, simply follow the link to Cocker breeders in Scotland.

Question Your Chosen Breeder

Question your breeder about their kennels and their dog. Be sure to ask lots of questions - a good breeder will be impressed that you are taking the trouble to find out about them. It shows you care and that's just what they want, a caring owner for one of their 'babies'.

By asking all these questions, you will also be finding out whether or not you're buying a puppy from one of the many unscrupulous puppy farms! If you suspect that you are, please walk away - don't keep them in business.

Once you find your perfect Cocker breeder, it won't be long before you're bringing home your little bundle, but are you sure you're fully prepared?

Is your home puppy-proof?

Do you have all you need to care for a young puppy?

How and what will you feed him on?

How will you make sure he's house-trained?

Don't worry, your breeder will probably cover most of those, but just to be sure, you can learn all you need to know about the care of your new puppy in this article which will help get you through those first few months.

Your puppy may not yet be fully toilet-trained, but this article on potty training your puppy may well prove to be invaluable!

Good luck and enjoy your little Cocker puppy for many, many, years to come!

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