Cocker Spaniel Breeders In Indiana

Our Cocker Spaniel breeders directory will help you find a breeder with English or American Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale in Indiana.

 Spaniel Breeders In Indiana

Foley's Cockers
Nancy Foley
1940 N 650 E
Bartholomew County
Indiana (IN) 47203
Telephone: (812) 799-0295
Telephone: (812) 371-8387
Email Address:

B & B Cocker Spaniels
Connie & Joel Walden
Hancock County
Indiana (IN)
Telephone: (317) 727-8094
Email Address:

Wunderland Cockers
Alice Gettelfinger
Harrison County
Indiana (IN)
Telephone: (502) 494-2392
Cell: (812) 981-7805
Email Address:

Crescent Moon
Pamela and Gary Fuller
Howard County
Indiana (IN)
Telephone: (765) 459-9325
Email Address:

Ashwood Cockers
Genea White Jones
11926 N 200 West
Shelby County
(317) 861-8801
(317) 752-8801
Email Address:

A-N-A Cocker Spaniels
Susan Heath
Sullivan County
Telephone: (812) 696-2937
Email Address:

JTB Kennels

Treva & Mike Burns
Terre Haute
Vigo County
Telephone: (812) 898 - 2462
Email Address:

Kingtree Cockers
Jeffrey Smith and Lawrence Moeller
Blakely Avenue
Terre Haute
Vigo County
Telephone: (812) 478-2767
Telephone: (812) 243-5688
Email Address:

DD Cocker Spaniels & Golden Retrievers
Becky & Dennis Donohue
Warren County
Telephone: (765) 385-0039
Cell: (765) 363-2399
Email Address:

Presnells Companions
Mary Ann Presnell
Telephone: 812 894 2691

CM Cocker Pups
Susan Heath
403 E Hampton Street
PO Box 58
IN 47850
Telephone: 812 696 2937
Email Address:
Email Address:

Jerabee English Cocker Spaniels
Indianapolis (IN)
E-mail Address:
Telephone: 317-257-7934

Blackwell's English Cockers
252 The Woods
IN 47421
Telephone: (812) 583 - 4170

Golden Gait English Cocker Spaniels
Debbie Owczarzak
Cedar Lake
Telephone: (219) 374 - 8954

Carol D'Aloisio
Telephone: (219) 942 - 4060

Betsy Traub
Telephone: (317) 257 - 7934

April Moore
SE Indiana
Telephone: (812) 455 - 5464

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Once you have a reasonable shortlist of Cocker Spaniel breeders, you should be well on your way to finding your perfect little English or American Cocker Spaniel puppy!

There's no need to worry, we've lots of helpful tips and advice on puppy care and you'll find our step-by-step article on potty training your puppy not only easy to follow, but that it gets results!

We all know that Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting, and it's so easy just to love him and play with him.

However, puppies need a strict puppy care routine.

If this is your first puppy, or it's a long while since you've cared for one, you may be feeling a little nervous and may be asking yourself, 'What do I do, how do I care for this tiny little bundle?"

If you are, don't stress about it - we're here to help you through your puppies early days. These practical tips on puppy care should do the trick!

Also, our step-by-step article on potty training your puppy should help you get your puppy fully house-trained in no time at all!

When you get to speak to your breeder, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions - ask about their breeding methods, their dogs, and where their puppies are raised.

Asking searching questions will also help you to be certain that you're not buying a puppy from one of the many unscrupulous puppy farms that seem to be cropping up all over!

Here are the type of questions you should be asking your breeder - I hope you find them helpful.

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