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Let us help you find breeders with English or American cocker spaniel puppies for sale!

Our directory is fully searchable to make it more user friendly - all our breeders registered in Colorado are listed below, by county, and in alphabetical order.

Spaniel Breeders In Colorado

Mardi Gras Cockers
Rosemary Logrie
Elbert County
Colorado (CO) 80107
Telephone: (303) 646-3713
Email Address:
Website: Colorado (CO)

Miabi Cockers
Kerri Kent
1006 E Desert Cove Drive
Pueblo County
Colorado (CO) 81007
Telephone: (719) 647-0719
Email Address:

Cripple Creek
Colorado (CO)
Email Address:

Jean Brett
Colorado (CO)
Telephone: (303) 680 - 1269
Email Address:

Rocky Mountain High Cockers
Colorado (CO)

ECSF of Greater Denver
Daina Kershner
Colorado (CO)
Telephone: (303) 814 - 1396

Patricia Janzen
Colorado (CO)

Nancy Praiswater
Colorado (CO)
Telephone: (719) 433 - 2810

Need To Search For More Breeders In Your Area?

It looks like there's not many breeders showing up for you - perhaps they're just not yet listed in our directory.

This useful search facility below will help you to find a good selection of breeders in your location.  Just type in the words "cocker spaniel breeders" (without the quotes) city, area or town that you're interested in and click on the search button.

Is Your Breeder Professional Or Just A Puppy Farmer?

When you finally choose your Cocker Spaniel breeder, I recommend you ask them as many questions as you can in order to be certain that you're not buying your puppy from a 'farmer'.

Puppy farms are where puppies are 'produced' one after the other - just like in a factory. The dogs and puppies are often neglected and not properly cared for.

Buying a puppy from one of these terrible places only keeps these places in business - please don't buy from them.

When you make contact, ask about their dogs, both the sire and the dam, their puppies and how much socialization they've had.

Ask how and where their puppies are raised, and take a look at the dog's living environments to see how clean and suitable it is.

A good breeder won't be offended at being quizzed so much, they'll simply be happy that you're taking the time to show an interest.

Your questions will also reassure them that you're going to make a responsible owner for one of their little puppies.

To give you an idea of the types of questions you should be asking, I've written an article doing just that, which you may find useful.

And when you get your puppy home, if you're a little nervous about raising a puppy, don't be, because you'll find oodles of helpful tips and advice on puppy care on our pages.

Bringing home a new puppy is such an exciting time in our lives, but if this is your first puppy, or it's a long while since you've cared for one, you may need to 'brush up' a little.

Our step-by-step article on potty training your puppy will come in very handy - and the good news is that it gets quick results!

We hope you've found our English and American Cocker Breeders Directory helpful and you find your perfect puppy soon!

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